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The Internet is one of the most powerful sources of information in the world. A Web site can be an important marketing and customer service tool for small Businesses. A website is like a billboard on the Internet. Here are some advantages:
* Your Company looks more professional. With your own Domain name ( and E-mail or Webmail like instead of . You convey the message you are a professional business and not a part time amateur.
* You save money. Website hosting services, including E-mail, costs start at around $20 per month after initial setup costs. E-mail is rapidly becoming the most efficient (less than long distance charges or postage) way to communicate. You can make your company brochure available on-line and save the cost of printing. The prospective customer can read your information or print it on his/her printer. Instead of writing a letter or picking up the phone, it is much easier to send an e-mail message. It gets transmitted in a flash, and the response is often just as quick
* Customers can reach you. You can provide detailed listings of services and products, directions on how to contact you and other information. Your site also can provide a means for customers to ask questions, report problems or request information. You are open for business 24/7. Just because you turn out the light and lock the door doesn't mean you are closed for the day. With a Web site, people can learn about your business anytime.
So how do you take advantage of this powerful tool?
Gather the material you want to place on your site and think about how you want it organized Remember, the purpose is to attract interest in your business. Browse other sites to get ideas, about content, presentation and overall appearance. Keep your message clear and direct. A visitor should immediately be presented with a description of your site, its purpose and its content.
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